Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

In 2002 Central Mediation Services obtained funding through the Legal Services Commission to pilot a 3 - year project to prevent civil litigation and to provide a process of Alternative Dispute Resolution through mediation.

What is ADR?

Alternative Dispute Resolution can be a successful alternative to the lengthy and sometimes costly process of going to court by mediating disputes that can be resolved outside of the civil court arena between, neighbours, employers/ employees, families, and organisations concerning disputes over consumer, contractual, boundary, fence, debt, trees, property, separation, employment, harassment, damage to property, access to property, landlord / tenant, and planning issues. This is by no means an exhaustive list it is simply a list taken from the disputes and client groups Central Mediation Services has mediated for.

The Benefits Of ADR

Cheaper when compared to civl litigation, the majority of our services are free as we are funded by various organisations to provide these services.

Independent Central Mediation Services is a community based service with no legal powers and is completely independent of the legal system.

Informal Mediation procedures are less formal, less stressful and less intimidating and can take place in your home or at a neutral venue of your choice.

Less Damaging Mediation is less damaging, it can help to preserve and strengthen existing or new relationships between disputant parties, which would have been compromised by litigation

Easier to Keep Control Mediation means you can make the decisions, you decide on what course of action should be taken and what you want the outcome to be, rather than a judge or arbitrator deciding for you.

Impartial Mediators do not take sides. The aim is to reduce conflict and reach settlement.

Quicker The mediation process is much quicker than entering into the sometimes lengthy legal process.

Confidential The mediation process is completely confidential and your privacy respected.

Nothing to Lose If an amicable agreement cannot be reached you have lost nothing, it has cost you nothing, and your legal rights have not been affected by the process.

The project to date

The project was very successful, but unfortunately the Legal Services Commission were unable to provide further funding after the initial 3 years and thus the project could no longer continue, and was terminated after 26 months.

Central Mediation Services is looking for further funding for ADR as the need for such a project was clearly needed. Referrals are still being recieved for this service, whereby we having to turn indidviduals away or charge them to cover our own costs. A summary of the project follows, for a full report of the project click here.


The project had a success rate of seventy- five percent, and saved clients/ the taxpayer £36,547.30, and freed up the civil courts for three weeks, time saving being yet another overriding objective of the Woolf reforms