Community Mediation

Since 1986 Central Mediation Services have been core funded through Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council for the provision of Community Mediation for the residents and workers of Sandwell. Community mediation to is free to all the residents of Sandwell, regardless of whether they are council / housing association tenants, or private occupiers, and thus you have nothing to lose. In the unlikely event that mediation is unsuccessful you are free to seek other alternatives to attempt a resolution of your dispute. Funding ceased due to contrainst in Sandwell's January 2008 budget.

Are you caught up in a dispute?

People can easily become involved in arguments or disputes over all sorts of matters, noise / DIY, harassment, parking, children, fence / boundaries, dogs/ pets. If you have a problem and feel that you would like to resolve it we may be able to help. Mediators are specially trained, they do not take sides but will listen to what you have to say and how you feel.

They will not tell you what to do and everything is confidential. We will only contact your neighbour or the person you are in conflict with, with your consent. If you agree, we will work with both parties to arrive at a fair and acceptable solution to everyone, the solution is your solution, we simply just help you get there.



Homelessness Mediation

Central Mediation Services has funding through the Office of the Deputy Prime Minster to provide mediation to prevent homelessness in the Sandwell area and in 2004 to 2007 a similar arrangement came into force through Birmingham City Council to prevent homelessness in Birmingham .

People can easily become involved in quarrels, arguments or disputes over all sorts of things. If left unresolved these difficulties can escalate and result in people leaving their homes and becoming homeless, by mediating between them and the individuals with whom they once lived / are living with, the key issues which can lead to homelessness can be resolved and prevent homelessness.

Could this happen to you? Perhaps it already has? Mediation may be able to help.


Central Mediation Services also specialise in conciliations in respect of complaints concerning complaints, such as doctors, dentists and practice managers. Conciliation is another dispute resolution method very similar to mediation, however it differs as the conciliator unlike the mediator can make suggestions to resolve the dispute, the mediator cannot do this and simply leads the parties to a solution, rather than suggesting one.


Central Mediation Services has sat amongst a panel of arbitrators and arbitrate on behalf of Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council relating to housing disrepair disputes. Arbitration is another dispute resolution method very similar to mediation and conciliation, however it differs as the arbitrator or panel of arbitrators make a decision after hearing the dispute and their decision is binding and enforceable, unlike mediation & conciliation.